Sunday, March 23, 2008

Too much use of quotation marks

When I got on the bus the driver (women) "Socks and sandles, how West Coast". Is that a compliment? I said "Thanks".

The colour grey on these new buses always feels very "futuristic" to me. Like I'm on a space ship.

The only food people actually want fresh is pizza. For everything else they'll settle for preprossed, microwave, low grade substitutes.

It's funny how we change our voices to ask a question. We actually change the tone of the whole word we say.

I do my best thinking when I casually ride the bus with music to listen to. That or walking to a destination at a strong pace.

Is Ben Folds' Dad a stoner? The song "Your most valuable possesion" totally suggests that. Or else he "sleep phoned" him.

I like how "Spy Zone" has a poster for "The Borne Supremacy" hanging in its window.

Incorrect writen puncuation should be exed out like this x so it's clear that it was unintended rather than scribbled out which is less grown up.

Driving through constructables is fun. It's like a mini driving obstacle course.

I like cloudy days a lot. They are my favorite type of days. I do like other days a lot, but in moderation.

I love drivers who call out the stops. Is that not resonable to have that as a part of their job and not just a favor?

I like knowing my way around downtown it feels like I know the heart of the city.

I like actors or actresses who can play music and act seem like better entertainers. More well rounded.

A lead singer who is the "voice of the band" is really the core sound of their music.

In the heirarchy of the city services people, transit workers seem above cops, but below firefighters and paramedics respectively.

Granville Loop Park is a parkourists dream hangout.

The bus driver just denied a women getting on the bus as she takes medication and apparently caused a scene once before.

The "hotshot" bus driver I'm with just answered his phone at a red light and wrote a name or number from the person on the phone and pulls it all off before the light changes.

Some people always go out to restaurants to eat. Often have alot of money.

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Andrew said...

Hey John

I don't know how else to contact you, so will do so here. Could you please share your photoshop Zombies instructions with me? I want to make one for my office wall. My email is palogan(at)gmail--you can guess the rest (sorry, don't want bots sending me stuff).