Sunday, December 9, 2007

Big trip back to Ikea

I went a trip to Ikea to return a table top I got in the wrong size. Apparently I had a lot to think about.

I feel like I'm on a comedically epic journey, as I get all geared up to go on a long trek back to Ikea with a table top I'm returning under my arm. Like it could be a movie.

OH MAH GAWD! It is perfect for a short film. As soon as I put my headphones in you would hear my music (and as I put the left and right earbud in you would hear one channel first) and you would watch me sort of dance and sing along and tap my foot to the music as I'm doing mundane waiting and riding the bus and train and walking to form sort of an hour long travel montage of my character "feeling the beat" And since I have an Ikea box I can swing around and lean on it.

I love Ben Fold's sassy comebacks

I would like to see a cop that wasn't at all law biding when off duty. Who says a cop needs to be lawful good? I guess there are the "bad cops" who take bribes. But I want to see one that doesn't use his job to help him rob people, but just steals things and is a bad driver and does drugs and other petty crimes.

Some asian kid I waited with at the bus stop just approached me while waiting on the skytrain platform to tell me he saw me waiting for the bus (I was the only other person at the bus stop so...yeah) to ask me what was in the box I had. I remembered he did give my box a few puzzled stares and at the time I thought it a little weird. He seemed excited to hear I was going to Ikea with it and that's why I was taking the train. Odd.

People save diaries but they are the only people who should EVER read them.

I miss having a girlfriend. It really is the most fun you can ever have.

Okay the kid about the box just turned his head sideways and pressed his hand against his face and held it there with closed eyes.

I like how the more rural skytrain stations are so far apart.

I perfer the train over all other forms of travel. What does that make me?

I really think I need gum surgery and that scares me to tears.

I always get ink on my hands when I write

I feel my writting looks poorly of my intelligence

I've always wanted to live in London but I don't think I could ever make the move. It would be so hard.

I like how I can look really intense when I stare.

Ikea sells perler beads

Isn't that descrimination to have "Girl's Night" where girls get in without paying a cover charge?

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