Monday, November 19, 2007

A notebook in a night!

I had a flood of interesting ideas while wandering Granville on the weekend! Here are some highlights....

Having a serious, fake fight with an imaginary girl/boy friend over MSN personel messages and seeing if anyone replies. Take it so far as to talk about murdering him / her just to see if anyone gets it.

A hurried man with flowers just rushed across the street against the lights. Once across the street he set the flowers down and I recognised him to be the begger who sits at the bottom of the stairs at 7-11, leaning against a street lamp.

I saw a sign

"HIPPIES please use back door"

I like street artists. I wish I could do that.

I once lived vicariously through an artist. I think that's neat!

This fire is outta
control, I'm gonna
burn this city,
burn this city

I often carry my umbrella as if it was a sword or a scabard

Daft Punk can be AMAZING at the right time

I enjoy taking public transit and riding my bike places. Cool. Plus if I had to buy a car I would pay extra for something environment friendly.

I like how it's called "environmentaly friendsly" when it's still just less bad.

Writting in italics isn't natural. Did people use to do that or is it a computer thing?

The internet is the biggest step we've ever made to a Star Trek esque future

A hand-painted deck of cards would be so cool.

When I get off the bus at an unfamiliar street I feel like a time traveler who just arrived and doesn't know where he is because I'm looking up at the street signs to figure out where I am

I would like to be able to do something to entertain friends.

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