Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Well since I always keep a notebook with me to write down ideas and remind myself of things I've managed to accumulate a few quotables that will need to be dumped here in one big post. So don't get to thinking this is what I'm going to be posting everytime. I will however post photos and tell stories about interesting experiences.

For the sake of clarity I do edit spelling mistakes and incorrect words when I can tell what it should have been. From time to time I may just post an image of my notebook though.

A TV show called Concierge where the whole show would take place in an apartment lobby starring a concierge who would greet character tenants as they came and went and he/she would see snipits of their lives as they walked through the lobby dressed, and acting, and talking, and carrying things, and the time of day they go out and who with and it fades to black and back after each time someone walks through so we learn about their lives.

I don't like old buses I feel like I'm in a horrible ghetto in the 70's/80's

In D&D or something fantasy, ink or pencils should be WAY more expensive than paper, not the other way around. Original spin.

I just saw a homeless guy with 2 dogs. That is smart when you live on the street. It was so cute both dogs were watching everyone pass while they laid guarding him as he slept.

I just game a passing motorist a "What the fuck, Jackass?" gesture.

In the future airplanes would be like buses. They are pay as you get on, resonably cheap, and everyday affairs. Piloted by surly, driven by the clock, rude bus drivers.

Crapping in the street is illegal but crapping in your pants is socially acceptable if unavoidable.

Being humble is an interesting quality. It is well respected yet kind of boring and almost robotic, or at least Data like.

If cars didn't have people in them they would look scary moving around for no reason.

To an alien race our traffic lights may confuse them due to our primary emotional reactions to certain colours.

I now understand emotional baggage, it is something you can NEVER get over and have to always suffer for and if you had the chance to fix it you would.

You could sell advertising to other stores by building the angle of your glass to reflect other company signs that people on the street walking or waiting at a street corner would see.

I sort of want an unexpected baby to have that young and scared feeling of getting in over your head and having to make commitments.

Kinko's is a funny name for a proffessional office store.

I really like Snow Patrol a lot!

Listening to loud music while walking at night is awesome!

I would be cool to take a satilite photo of the horizon of the earth. I would be like it looks from earth.

The energizer bunny is a really strange mascot.

Starfleet uniforms make people seem more expendable because like ant colonies there are 3 different types and they can be identified by a glance without knowing the person. I like it thought. It's smart.

Is starfleet a push button office job and that's why their uniforms are so dressy?

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